Our Mission
Rockaway Ravens Sports, Inc. is a non for profit organization founded in 2002, looking to provide the youth, in the Rockaway community with an environment where they can become more; respectful, responsible, confident and gain a better knowledge of self and respect. We are working towards opening a home base so that the youths can come and ask questions or for assistance in dealing with the environment around them (i.e. peer-pressure, school…).

Many of us have grown up in the Rockaway community and are trying to give back and provide a positive outlook for the adults of tomorrow. Education is one of our main focuses. We know that it is much harder now for the youths with gangs, drugs and life in general. We had friends and family watching out for us, but now we  have seen things turn for the worst, and that many parents are taking the youths out of the Rockaway community to other schools just to give their child a better chance to do better. As an Organization we are trying to do our part by educating the children as well as the parents on how to keep a positive mind and hoping that soon the Rockaway community will pull together as one and become the place where the youth of today will grow up full beautiful, intelligent, well rounded and proud young people with hope, desire and dreams.

Sports is not just fun and games, it is a basis for building a solid foundation. If you work hard, you can obtain your goals. Team, “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Applying this attitude to our lives we hope to accomplish all of our goals. We want the entire community to know that great things, positive things, can and do happen in Far Rockaway.